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Who We Are

Serious Cases Require Experienced Lawyers

Who We Are

We are a law firm dedicated to helping victims and their families who have suffered catastrophic injuries or death get fair compensation for their losses. Many times, victims do not have the resources or experience to fight big companies who are responsible for their losses and who refuse to accept responsibility for their negligent acts. At KeachMurdock, we level the playing field by taking your case on a contingency basis. This means we pay all the costs and expenses to fight these corporations up front. We have the resources and experience to fight for you, and a proven track record of success in big cases – with dozens of million dollar settlements and verdicts.

Call: 702-MILLION (645-5466)

Email: emk@keachmurdock.com OR rem@keachmurdock.com

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KeachMurdock is an association of professional corporations dedicated to helping victims.