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LV Sun: ‘Casino’ figure suing LV attorney

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‘Casino’ figure suing LV attorney

By Rachael Levy

Frank Rosenthal, a former casino executive whose life was the basis for
the 1995 motion picture “Casino,” is suing a Las Vegas lawyer over an unpaid

Rosenthal gave a $150,000 loan to his barber, Jose Trujillo, in 1989. Trujillo
said he gave the money to attorney Chris Beecroft Jr.

Trujillo borrowed the money to invest in the purchase of a Las Vegas
budget motel. In return, he promised Rosenthal that Rosenthal’s nephew would
have the opportunity to run a casino at another budget motel.

But Beecroft contends that he never acted as Trujillo’s attorney. Beecroft said
the money was given to him by his client, businessman Robert Algee.

The dispute arose after the motel purchase fell through and, when Trujillo
asked for the money back, Beecroft refused.

The federal
trial, which began Monday, is expected to last three days.

Rosenthal’s attorney, Marty Keach, argued that Beecroft repeatedly denied
having any knowledge of Trujillo’s involvement in the loan. Beecroft’s
attorney, Jim Olsen, said his client could not touch the money entrusted to him
by Algee.

Since learning of the dispute, Beecroft froze the money until the issue
could be resolved, Olsen said.

Rosenthal, a club owner in Boca Raton, Fla., chose to sue Beecroft
rather than Trujillo after the barber signed a court judgment promising to
repay the loan if Beecroft does not return the money.

Rosenthal was barred from Nevada casinos in the late 1980s after authorities
found evidence that he associated with organized crime, including reputed
mobster Anthony Spilotro. Rosenthal has chosen not to attend the trial, his
lawyer said.

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